the mIGHTYbOOTh.. by Nina & Leigh

As a photographer, there is a BIG difference between snapping some wedding pics, and really capturing the spirit & atmosphere of a couple during the great occasion that is ‘the wedding’.

Wedding photography for me can be a bit like the Ghostbusters (go with me on this).  The Ghostbusters turn up with all their hightech (& very necessary) gear.  They know the ghosts are there, but it’s rarely an easy catch & they have to run around like dudes on crazypills to wrestle the ghost into their trap (without crossing the beams).  Only then have they captured the ‘spirit’.

Only thing is..  I am more like an invisible ninja ghostbuster, & a lot cleaner, & easier to work with…  but they do have a cool car!  Sometimes it’s a little messy & a little wet, but there is always spirit at a wedding – you just have to capture it.

ok I’m rambling, but the reason I say all this is that sometimes I have to wrestle, chase, or trick the spirit to be able to capture it, but with Nina & Leigh, they brought their spirit & spark straight to me.  They had a clear idea that they wanted to have an awesome time on their wedding day no matter what & they got their awesome on right from the giddy-up.  Atmosphere is created with ease because they have excellent friends & families.  They brought their all to the wedding – 100%  (including BYO gangstar props & turntables).  Really my job on this day was easy.

So Nina & Leigh, thank you many times .. You guys have reached maximum radness & your wedding was very excellent!    :)

One more thing..  mIGHTYbOOTh = 100% pure awesome.












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