the blog of destiny (version 3.0)

i was last week talking and drinking with some awesome friends at jonas’ studio opening.. y’know – about stuff, & things, & work, & life, and how myself & kelly got a bunch of hot tealight candle wax all over us without evening noticing, (evidence suggests it was Samm but CSI will investigate nonetheless).. It was a very deep conversation..

three months ago, i started a tumblr blog for myself to collect inspiring things – things i like & photos i have made, but do not generally relate directly to wedding photography, (my full-time pursuit, passion, love, source of income, & subject of this blog)..  that evening, i thus did receive some encouraging feedback regarding said tumblr page..  and so, after a bunch of champagne, & some encouragement from my friends, i’m expanding this blog to include other things of awesomeness as well..

so if you’re looking at this blog right now because you’re searching for a wedding photographer, please do read on & imagine yourselves in the wedding images you see here..  and also look around at the kind of things that i love.. the things that inspire me, make me cry, make me giggle, & make me really appreciate this life..  if you’re feeling what i’m feeling, then email us as soon as you can – we’d love to meet you..


look down   *insert down arrow*..  it has already begun..


// t


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5 October 2011 - 9:49 am

kellyltunney It was a very deep conversation with the wax and all. Love this Toddy & excited to see more x

4 October 2011 - 2:34 pm

Bat I find 3 is always the best. (except when it comes movies… See spiderman3)

4 October 2011 - 12:53 pm

Pobke Totally awesome. Can’t wait to see V3.0. :)