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Jillian & gavin.. misty mountains of spicers peak lodge..

Captivating.. That’s what Jillian & Gavin’s wedding was.. Describing an event like this in one word will always be difficult, but when you mix all of the ingredients that Jillian & Gavin pulled together, and add all the unique details made by Jillian herself, everything just fit so perfectly – even something as uncontrollable as […]

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deandra + adam.. all smiles

“together with their families”.. and close friends.. that pretty much sums up the modern wedding..  & i think it’s safe to say that deandra & adam absolutely nailed it with their party of parties.. 60 ish of their closest, together – a banquet/feast/extravaganza celebration in one of the most stunning venues on this beautiful earthworld.. d&a’s wedding […]

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jas & nick..

friends… best friends… bestest friends…  bestest friends in the whole wide world..  no, not enough.. i’m trying to describe jas & nick – the way they are together..  all i can say is that these two are really in love.. & not just in the pants…  i mean their love goes deep..  like a big-ass […]

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