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Highlands to Amsterdam this is excellent !

Um..  We have totally moved on to a little town called Amsterdam, but I couldn’t go on without a couple more pics from Scotland ps. I loveloveloveinbracketslove Scotland..  so yo check it 1 time groundskeeper Willy !! So we were very sad to say goodbye to Scotland, but new days bring new adventures!  & so […]

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Highland Fling.. road trip (chapter 3)..

This is just another thing that I find amazing – Scotland is a relatively smallish country, yet you only need travel a very small distance to see completely new & contrasting landscape!  From vast open spaces, to deep glens, to gigantor lochs (with monsters in them), misty mountains, velvet green hills, castle ruins, seaside villages..  […]

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highland road trip.. Chapter 2 !

Y’know organizing a trip down to the last second is good because I guess you know that accommodation is sorted etc & you’ll always have a place to stay…  but something I’m very glad we did was to leave some days 100% unplanned!  Yes, there was the odd “hmmm..  It’s summer peak tourist season, we’re […]

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