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anthia & teck.. melbourne wedding of destiny

Of all the cities in Australia, Melbourne is my favourite.. by far.. it feels awesome.. and we love shooting weddings there.. (hint.. we love shooting weddings there) We couldn’t wait to photograph Anthia & Teck’s wedding.. we already knew it would be great.. and we knew A&T would be awesome because we’d previously spent an […]

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jessica and lance

Such a joyness to photograph Jessica & Lance recently in Maleny.. Clients regularly ask us “What happens if it rains on our wedding day?”.. I normally respond.. “Well.. i’ve seen rain before, & it usually makes things wet, but you can still get married :)  Photographically, your images will vary if you compare dry & […]

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leanne & alastair.. (spooky beach, far away in time)..

Yamba is a beautiful place..  It feels untouched by busy modern life..  and…  just a little down the coast from Yamba, is Angourie..  Angourie means “hidden treasure”..  Actually, I completely made that up, but it would have been mighty convenient for my little report if it did mean “hidden treasure” – it apparently means “sound […]

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