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a couple of portraits..

or, portraits of a couple.. like a play date with friends, i love these shoots because it’s exactly that.. play time.. no time limits, no geographical boundaries, just this.. me, sarah & jamie, (and a big scary dinosaur).   as my good friend neil says, “keep on rockin in the free world”.. ..:: todd

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andrew redford

this is andrew.. (everyone say “hello andrew”)..  he’s a singer/songwriter & he contacted recently me to get some promotional portraits done to reflect his awesomeness onto the world.. he has one of those voices that slaps you in the face & makes you want to pay attention.. in a nice way.. and he’s only 20.. […]

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Last man standing.. traditional tatau (aka tattoo)

Meet Mark (we can’t show his face on television).  We photographed his wedding in 2007 (which was 159% awesome).  He is the last full-blood Samoan male in his family & late last year he travelled back to his home land to undergo an amazing process/ceremony/ritual..  The full traditional application of Samoan tatau (tattoo). We’re talking long […]

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