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nick + steff do melbourne.

nick & steff are people born of [radness].. nick’s proposal to steff started like this.. N: “hey steff?”.. S: “yeah nick?”.. “the power of love… it’s a curious thing right?” “ummmm.. ok?” “it’ll make one man weep, & make another man sing.”.. “nick, are you quoting Huey Lewis?” “NO!” n&s are very entertaining to be […]

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anthia & teck.. melbourne wedding of destiny

Of all the cities in Australia, Melbourne is my favourite.. by far.. it feels awesome.. and we love shooting weddings there.. (hint.. we love shooting weddings there) We couldn’t wait to photograph Anthia & Teck’s wedding.. we already knew it would be great.. and we knew A&T would be awesome because we’d previously spent an […]

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