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little miss sunshine & mr strong.. (a.k.a. michelle & dan)

This time of year is like a galloping herd of crazy horses (except without the horses).. living & breathing weddings 24/7 & working very long hours..  The awesome thing is that this time of year feels very festive indeed.. We are lucky to have great clients – great clients that prevent my job from feeling […]

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Soad (Soh-ard) + Jono (Jon-o) = 100% married (married)..

Jono may well be the most romantic person in the world..  So blokes, get your notepads ready..  “How to Impress Your Lady” By Jono Wecan’tshowyouhislastnameontelevision . ” Try giving your lady-friend a card (complete with a series of various cute/funny illustrations), filled with words of love (from you to her), every day for the week […]

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