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Jenna & Lawrence – Jewish wedding in Sydney

Jenna & Lawrence’s wedding was pretty amazing to see unfold.. A perfect melting pot of jewish tradition infused with modern party vibes & personal touches from J&L themselves… It was so much fun, and crazy, and action packed, and hilarious, and touching.. Then, a few days after their wedding, Jenna & Lawrence both fled the […]

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sarah & jaran..

mountain air… breathe it in deep my friends.. once there was an excellent couple called sarah & jaran & they were a-fixin’ to be married..  jaran, an engineer, had modified a ghostbusters ghost trap to capture & contain not ghosts, but the essence of all the things they loved.. they captured lots of lovely things – […]

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camila + lachlan..

FACT: if you’re wingman no.1 at your best mate’s wedding, and you’re flying from brisbane to sydney for the wedding, and you bring the wrong suit (wrong colour too), with you to the wedding, and you only realise the aforementioned on the actual wedding day when you, the groom & the other groomsmen are getting […]

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