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fridays on foot.. R-ADelaide

back in rOctober this year, Alyda & i went to R-ADelaide for the first time ever..  i really liked it, but before my story is told, i must add that while talking with other citizens about my travel plans to Adelaide, one or more of the following descriptive words/phrases were used (not by me)…  “boring”, […]

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fridays on foot.. sydney no opera..

i knew this time would come.. my mind is quiet – i seriously have nothing amazing or meaningful to say for your entertainment.. and i am comfortable with that.. rather than force something, or delay this post until i have something, i’m just going to roll with it, & move on with my adventure/life.. writing […]

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fridays on foot.. canberra town

yes… technically this first image was taken from a car, but i assure you, i quickly opened my door & firmly planted my foot on the ground before I took it, thus qualifying it for FOF.. we were in Canberra recently & i was very keen to put my Fujifilm X100 camera through FOF bootcamp.. […]

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