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kylie + doug

two very interesting people..  you’ll meet them soon.. ..:: t

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nadia + matt.. (landing soon)

It’s great on the morning of the wedding – before the ceremony, when brides & grooms send each other gifts, to say “i love you”..  when things are a little tense/edgy/anxious/suspenseful, it’s like a last minute message from your lover that says, “you are awesome, you’re my favourite, & i can’t wait to see you”.. […]

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wedding album of the year

the digital age.. it’s great.. it brought us ‘Little Big Planet’, Batman – ‘Arkham City’, iPhones, Instagram, pinterest, etc..  and we all go about our days with our faces planted firmly in the feed trough of online factories, churning out the pictures/photos/images to quench our thirst for more more more.. it’s an amazing time indeed.. i’d […]

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