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belinda & dave..

As wedding photographers, we get to meet a lot of awesome people.. and, it’s definitely something special to witness two people that are, while making vows of awesomeness to each other, simply unable hold back their emotions/tears/laughter/tears/shaky voice/laughter/tears etc.. it’s amazing to see.. Belinda & Dave have a very deep emotional connection.. that’s obvious.. they […]

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singles 3

meet the third member of my ‘singles’ series.. (for previous instalments, see singles 1 & singles 2) late afternoon on the beach.. a whole day of footprints in the sand from the beach entries/exits & this guy remains.. solo.   hasselblad 503cx . . // t  

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fridays on foot.. (the chair recognizes..)

I have recently fallen in love with photography all over again.. it’s called film.. This roll of 120 had been been sitting in my refrigerator since about 2002 I think,  & it went out of date July 2004.. While studying photography in 2000, I saved all my student pennies by going out on Thursdays, (Thursday […]

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