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Brooke & Mitch.. Outback breakfast DIY wedding..

Fly to Darwin.. Drive 2 hours South-west ish to Dundee Beach.. That’s where Brooke & Mitch and a bunch of their closest went to have an ACE weekend, and get married..  An evening BBQ the night before – complete with beer, laughs, and a serious debate about times/temperatures/weight for the spit roast – followed by […]

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lizzie & rob’s wedding festival..

well..     ready yourself people.. every 100 weddings or so, a job comes along like no other.. think of anything that can be generally seen as inconvenient, or potentially a ‘problem’ on a wedding day & write them down in a big list –  1). a wedding on a vacant patch of land kind of […]

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lauren, leigh, and the magnolia tree

lauren & leigh.. they were married at lauren’s grandparents’ house, in the backyard, under the very magnolia tree that said grandparents planted there when lauren was born twenty-something years earlier.. I KNOW!  & that’s just the beginning believe me.. L&L have really taken the conventional ‘wedding’ event & spun it on it’s head, re-moulded it, […]

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