rachel & damien.. lollie cups $2.30

A French man & an Australian woman can only have Ausfrenchlian children, but these guys have only recently been married so let’s not pressure them by talking about children so early – that’s a job left to their very capable parents *wink*..  Rachel & Damien have been living in the UK so organising this wedding remotely with secret spies ‘on the ground’ to do some leg-work was always going to be a challenge.. But you’ll see very shortly how they went.. (ie.. pretty.flippin.awesome.)

This wedding will stay close to me for quite some time, & it has nothing to do with the visuals.. well actually it does, because the visuals are sweeeet!.. but what really stands out to me was the atmosphere around this day & around the ceremony especially.. If you’re looking for a wedding photographer right now, I’m sure you’ve read blogs & seen phrases like, “soooo much love”, “the loveness was amazing”, “lovity love love”, “you guys are so in love right now” & the all too common (Prodigy inspired), “OMG that’s some funky love!”.. but after photographing around 300 weddings, (i call them ‘the 300’ [for sparta]), i am qualified to say that Rachel & Damien & their families & freinds were able to harness some extra powers..

R&D’s awesomeness surged big time at the ceremony because this is when they were close to each other – where they held hands, did the whole vows thing etc etc – we’ve all been to weddings.. BUT the atmosphere around that ceremony was electrifyingly lovely.. & it penetrated me to my soul.. As i was photographing, i was so feeling the love, that i wanted to hug someone – anyone.. I thought that might seem unprofessional, & Alyda was around the other side of the crowd.. i thought about hugging myself but there was too much action that could not be missed..

Some call it the ‘power of love’, ‘God’, ‘the universe’, ‘mother nature’, ‘father awesome’ – the list goes on & you can make up your own minds..  all I know is that it was very powerful, & Rachel & Damien are blessed to have such a gift, & Alyda & I are blessed to have been part of it..

party on wayne, party on garth..

ps.. this wedding was also featured on Style Me Pretty last month.. it was held at ‘Hidden Grove’ on Noosa Beach, & the reception was held in a local (& awesome), penthouse apartment.. sooo relaxed :)  the planning was done by the amazing talents of Weddings of Noosa, assisted with some turbo styling by Noosa Wedding & Event Hire .. Boat cruise with Catalina Cruises.. Rachel’s dress was made by Sarah Seven .. & the flowers done by Blooms of Noosa.. I was dressed by Marc Jacobs, Myer, Ben Sherman, Camper, & Bonds


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10 September 2011 - 7:39 am

Rensche Mari WOW, amazing set of images, but your words are so stunning I just want to hug something now! Plus that dress is OUT-OF-THIS-WORLD Gorgeous!

4 September 2011 - 1:05 am

Kristi Wright Seriously kick ass wedding!

3 September 2011 - 11:11 am

starrman Great wedding dude!

28 August 2011 - 6:31 pm

Jono Sometimes, I hug myself when I’m sad. **There was no hugging during the viewing of this blog**

28 August 2011 - 12:54 pm

anne Toddy, you could have given yourself a big hug! can just see you doing that with a big smile on your face!

28 August 2011 - 4:10 am

Kyle The three bowling alley portraits are INSANE. You guys are insane. This wedding is insane.

I meant that all in a good way :)

26 August 2011 - 8:42 pm

Kristen Lovely lovely stuff. The bowling is awesome! Also: now I’m just picturing your bonds undies and nobody needs that haha!

25 August 2011 - 9:09 am

Stew Beautifully captured, love Noosa weddings with an atmosphere you can so clearly see. And then there’s your writing, killin it todd-hipster-mcfly ;)

25 August 2011 - 8:55 am

dan best day evarrr, and the photos show just a glimpse, and amazing photos they are at that!

24 August 2011 - 10:19 pm

Kelly Tunney You did it all and said it all + you’re so funny :)

24 August 2011 - 7:41 pm

sammysammsamm aww toddy, you just made me laugh out loudly, very loudly. i love your words. sweet images my friend :)

24 August 2011 - 6:51 pm

Damien Haaaaaaaa awesome ! thanks guys for making our day so beautiful!
We have the best memories of this day and it’s also because of you .You guys rock !

24 August 2011 - 5:28 pm

It’s me Dan aweome sauce my friend… going to have to book this post into the smash repairer because you smashed it! … you know, because you smashed it you need to get it repaired…:)

24 August 2011 - 1:26 pm

Tenielle Like whoah. I’m pretty sure you’re onto some sort of gummy bear juice, *glug glug glug* photographic brilliance! Genius :)

24 August 2011 - 12:28 pm

Helen The Love Doctor will see you now… Effortlessly stylish. Particularly ove the photo of bride and her Dad with the boat pic.
‘Team Love’ Mcgaw your work ;)

24 August 2011 - 11:45 am

Alex Kennison Awesomeness + Awesome Sauce = Tasty Awesome.

24 August 2011 - 11:28 am

sam hurd lollie cups!!!

24 August 2011 - 11:21 am

bec+fo you guys are simply amazing! love, love, love xx

24 August 2011 - 11:13 am

Zoe wait, what I want to know is how you got that ring to stay like that for that ring reflected in tiles shot- how did you do that?!! Was it, was it magic?

Oh, and before I forget – WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW to the rest of the awesomeness of the whole lot – blew my socks right off!

24 August 2011 - 10:42 am

Nathan Parker Stellar – Pure excellence :)

24 August 2011 - 10:31 am

David Robertson SO amazing guys, the ceremony has such a beautiful atmosphere to it

24 August 2011 - 10:29 am

juanita lovity love love… nice work team McGaw :)

24 August 2011 - 10:24 am

Jakob Money as always, guys.

24 August 2011 - 10:23 am

Rog drugs are bad…mmmkay? You are good, mmm-mmmkay? Yes.

24 August 2011 - 10:19 am

fer juaristi freaking awesome set, beauty, stylish & just insane!

24 August 2011 - 10:14 am

Jasmin This post just makes my tummy turn with excitement. In just 3 months you guys will be unleashing your awesomeness on our very special day and we cannot wait! Love it! Go team!

24 August 2011 - 10:00 am

coler I want to be inside your mind(s). This post is wicked.