phase onesies..


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well i’m glad you asked..

this is what happens when  two photographers, an amazing camera supply store, & a super-dooper medium format digital camera systems builder get together on the dance floor at an industry gala dinner event..

so, myself & my homie dan o’day, are hitting the road in our onesies this monday & road testing the phase one camera/digital back combos of destiny.. just the two of us – a dinosaur & a cheeky monkey – ROAD TRIP! – on the open road into oblivion baby! we’re just gonna drive & drive & never look back yeah! so longgggg world!! #thelmaandlouise.. actually i have to be in melbourne to shoot a wedding, & dan has stuff on, so yeah we’re pretty much going drive on & never look back for 5 days  :)

feel free to follow us on our adventure.. we’ll be posting lots of things along the way, some of which will include some (hopefully) sweet pictures that make your eyeballs happy – made by us with these awesome picture making things – the phase ones!.. and other things too.. follow @danmakepicture & @toddhuntermcgaw on instagrams,  and on the facebooks of dan and todd ..  we’ll also be collecting stuff on tumblr.. 

a MASSIVE thanks to our excellent partners in this little adventure – camera pro and phase one, for trusting us with their incredibly amazing & very sporty stuff.. we appreciate you!!!

see you on road crazy kids!!!!!

camera pro, phase one

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22 January 2014 - 9:03 am

thm dan… lovvvvvved it! just going through footage & will be cutting together a few ‘episodes’ of our adventures… can’t wait to show you :)

22 January 2014 - 4:54 am

Wedding Photographer Cornwall How did you get on with the phase one? Gonna do a post about your trip? :)

11 December 2013 - 10:55 am

Heath Great concept! Bet you had a ripper time!