Michelle & Sam.. high tea ..

Being a wedding photographer is a bit like JellyBelly gourmet jelly beans.  We meet lots of different people & their weddings all have a different flavour..  lots of combinations of awesomeness,& yes, we are fully gourmet !  Michelle & Sam’s wedding was very them!  A cosy wedding in their back yard with their chooks, a very well stocked vegetable patch, A lovely bunch of friends & family, and some high tea !  The atmosphere was just lovely..  (yes I can say ‘lovely’ & still feel like a man)..

An excellent ceremony under their gigantor tree (including a genuine pinky promise), High Tea, some awesome photos, & a hilarious mIGHTYbOOTh party kicker!

So grab thyself a cup of English Breakfast & enjoy…   Charz darlings!










Stay tuned for Michelle & Sam’s mIGHTYbOOTh !  Lot’s of Krazy (with a capital K), pics & of course..  the chooks!  Same bat channel, same bat time..

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10 July 2009 - 10:52 pm

Larz i heart the hearts one… very sweet {:->

20 September 2009 - 3:30 pm

Snapshot Sunday – My Heart | Polka Dot Bride […] picture made me smile this week. It’s of Michelle and Sam (see more here) at their wedding captured by Todd Hunter […]