merry christmas..

amidst all the christmas cheer, i have for the last couple of days been thinking about Rudolph.. the one with the red nose..  there’s just something i’m not happy about.. & that is, Rudolph, OK he’s different, we get that..  all the other reindeer are hating on him because his nose is red, & that’s just rough..

then when the place gets a little foggy & Santa (bossman) notices him, instantly the others jump on board like Rudolph suddenly got game & is all legit in the ghetto..  Truth beknown, Rudolph was just being himself – and most likely struggling to deal with being the target of ridicule (no reindeer games for him) – & the other nasty reindeer only now think he’s coolio because biggy sees him as top dogg in the fogg when his difference (or gift) becomes useful.. & that’s just wrong..

don’t get me wrong here – i’m really glad things seem to work out for Rudolph in the end.. but my hope is, that year, after all the presents were delivered & Santa returned home for a review/de-brief/evaluation with his reindeer about how things went, he would have set things right.. Santa seems like a pretty decent fellow, & i imagine he would have sent a strong message to his staff that bullying is just not cool, & that we all should be celebrating each others differences, rather than bringing each other down… that, and a reminder about not staying out late on the booze the day before game night..

turns out that Rudolph did go down in history, but i’d like to think it was not because Santa used him as a fog light, but because everyone involved learned a valuable lesson that day in the snow..  Rudolph, i salute you… respec.


merry christmas people of earthworld.. party on & be sure to tell someone you love them..


..:: todd


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29 January 2012 - 1:58 am

Nick Lance Haha,. great post :)

25 December 2011 - 5:16 pm

Phill Peace, good will and all that, fer sure :~)