fridays on foot.. (the freight-train diaries)..

Panic, Panic Station..  All passengers for Exhaustion or Collapse, please change trains here.

No days off in the last 38 days + 11 weddings over May & June + getting National pro photography award prints ready + planning our 6 week European adventure = learning to do things in my sleep..  Hands up who’s pumped about having 6 weeks off !!   (me) (woohoo)..

So yes..  I have been so busy that my friends are starting to wonder if I’m still alive, but Fridays on Foot (F.O.F.), for me is like an oasis in the desert.. An oasis with one of those huge tents with camels parked outside, &  heaps of carpets & magic genie bottles in them.  I can almost taste the fresh grapes, cool water, & lots of other yummy exotic fruits that haven’t even been invented yet.  Ahhh yes, & I can see lots of gorgeous belly-dancers (that are nowhere near as gorgeous as my wife who couldn’t make it because she was editing images from a recent wedding)   and ….   so you get the point.  :D

Next F.O.F. post will be from the UK !      *crowd goes wild*







'colaborate and LISTEN'







This is Frank & Gerard.. They own quite a lot of property around Spring Hill.





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2 July 2009 - 6:29 pm

em Top photos Todd!! The guy in the first shot looks a lot like stevie d :O

1 July 2009 - 11:18 pm

Siany Loving this weeks FOF’s Toddy…as per usual!! Scooter one wins fo shizzle. Awe I love Frank and Gerard, the texture on that wall is mad!! Love the post box one too…oh stuff it, I love them all.

1 July 2009 - 12:06 pm

Eva Looooooooooooove the silver locks!!! My heart did a big squeeze at the last ‘Australia’ image…….Aust Post makes me feel ‘home’……hehehehehe!!! Love you Mr and Mrs T, I hope your journey is as SPECTACULAR as you both are!!!!! xxxooo

1 July 2009 - 7:49 am

Catherine LOVE these pics !! the black & white one with the scooter is my fav :)