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hello photographers of the world..

just letting you know that i am officially offering solo mentoring sessions for reals.. i’ve been doing them for a while in an underground/”meet me in a dark alley & i’ll give you some secrets” kind of way when people contact me..

now, i’ll be doing them more officially, more often, & in more of a “meet me outside your house & we’ll pull up in a black gangster car (or maybe a van), & grab you – then give you some excellent ideas about how to make your business better, (or show you how to use your camera if you’re a non-professional type photographer)” kind of way.  but then, y’know if both parties consent,  it’s more like an adventure & less like kidnapping isn’t it..

so, if you’re interested, click here, or click on ENTER THE DOJO in the menu above you – then email us for more details.. there’s already a few of you waiting for the details, so you guys definitely don’t need to email us again :)

warmest ever regards in the whole world


pai mei

this is me (with my teacher), very early in my career.. people would often comment that i looked like uma thurman ;)

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25 April 2013 - 9:10 pm

steven You looked like Uma Thurman back then