enter the dojo..

need more skillz?

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todd hunter mcgaw workshops

if you ticked ‘no’ to all of the above, move along – nothing to see here.. there’s plenty more nice things for you to look at on this here blog and the website..

if you ticked ‘yes’ to any of these, then waste no more time my friend – read on!

i’ve been running one-on-one mentoring sessions for a little while now, but taking on the role of teacher/sensei is not something i have rushed into..  after photographing 300 & something weddings over the last 10 years, & shooting full time since 2007, believe me – i’m still learning.. and i still have a lot to learn.. but at least now, i’m personally confident enough that the information/experience i have to share is solid..

my sessions contain practical, real life stuff.. we will not be singing “kumbaya” around a camp fire.. we will not be doing “trust exercises” or “get-to-know-you games”**, it’s actually very simple – i look at, [a] – where you are, & [b] – where you want to be, & then i’ll give you some ideas about how to make [a] and [b], the same thing..

fear does not exist in my dojo..

but don’t worry, we’ll still have fun.. i make really good coffee, & if you reeeeeally want to do some trust exercises, we can fall into each other’s arms if you want, & then play some ping pong – but only in our lunch break   ;)

‘become one with your camera’ session – 3 hour tour

professional business and/or creative one-on-one session – 6 hours of power


contact us for pricing if you’re keen, & make sure to include your karate suit* size   ;)

peace & love



*(karate suit not included)

**(absolutely no offence intended to people that sing campfire songs at workshops/mentor sessions.. i love singing, and campfires, and workshops – just not all at the same time)..

[song credit “skills pay bills”,  by the cheap fakes.. get amongst it].