emma shoots too!

Hello world, meet Emma!

Emma is our wonderful Associate Photographer..  She has many skillz including making excellent photographs, making excellent friends, making excellent coffee, making excellent babies, and generally making things excellent :)

After working for us here at THM HQ in our design department, and shooting weddings with me (Todd) for the last 4 years, one could say that I know Emma’s work very well indeed, and have seen with my eyeballs her growing from strength to even more strength as her “Emma style” emerges like one of those wildlife time lapse films that look amazing as the flower blooms or as the bees make excellent honey, or those cute little mushrooms grow… So yep, she’s good…

Over to you Em :)

Hey there! I’m Emma but you can call me Em :)

Would you believe it I met team McGaw when they photographed my own wedding! Little did I know the journey it would take me on and now I’m blown away to not only shoot with these legends but to have the honour of documenting other people’s big day as my job*!

Taking photos thrills my heart space and well.. I just love weddings! So spending days capturing all the love, joy and celebration between family and friends, amongst settings of beautifully considered details is always a rush and an absolute pleasure.

I’m a fan of the whole shebang exciting process.. from initially meeting a couple to crafting the final photo collection and designing the album. Before I turned to photography I was a graphic designer, so I can’t help it! Making these memories into a tangible hand crafted item, something to pass down through your family’s generations.. that’s my jam!

So if you’re digging my photos and you think I’m your cup of iced tea (let’s be honest queensland’s pretty melty these days!) then get in touch, I’d love to chat!

* taking photos at weddings just never actually feels like work!

Ipswich, QLD, Australia

I met Malerie and Scott almost 10 years ago, whilst we worked for the same big company in the city. These were my graphic design days, pre photography… It was also the time that love blossomed for these two, so I feel incredibly lucky to have not only been around since the beginning of their love story and call them friends, but even more so to now have photographed their wedding so many year later!

Upon getting engaged Malerie and Scott decided to do the sneaky and throw an “engagement party”… read SURPRISE WEDDING for their family and friends, yep you heard right, not even their parents knew this was the day they would say I do! Together with just the power of best man and bridesmaids these two pulled off a wonderful, joyous, fun, surprise celebration in the backyard of their gorgeous home. But before all that kicked off the three of us rose before dawn to make some magical portraits…

Brisbane, QLD, Australia

I found myself looking forward to these two awesome humans wedding from the moment we initially met over coffees. They both have a wonderful sense of humor and we chatted easily over the exciting details of their planned day and some photography ideas before rolling off on lengthy tangents about travel, pets and creative industries! These are my kinda people :)

Needless to say the wedding day of team Grin (as they affectionately signed off on their emails) was stunning and along with their fun loving bridal party we had a wonderful time wandering the beautiful botanical gardens and into city lane ways making portraits between their colourful, loved up ceremony and the delicious reception festivities that followed. 

Golden, BC, Canada

Jossie and Christian! A love that spans the globe.. approximately 38,925km when added up! Jossie’s an American gal and Christian an English lad. They met while living and working in New Zealand and chose to celebrate their nuptials upon a mountain top in Canada. It’s safe to say I was pee my pants excited to be travelling to the snow to capture this very special day (note: no pants were actually pee’d on in this process).

They are two of the warmest, most charismatic, caring people I know with a hearty zest for life and passion for living it to the max. Christian and Jossie are completely smitten and pure joy shone out of their faces on this day. It’s quite something when almost 50 of your nearest and dearest come together from each of their own respective corners of the world to join in the love fest of a destination wedding.. oh and to take advantage of Golden’s amazing ski slopes ;p I could go on but it’s an occasion where I’ll let the pictures do the talking..