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Rather than write a long fluffy piece that, (a) is designed to make you feel all warm & squishy on the inside, & (b) you have likely heard before.. Just know that our photography is real, and creative.. creative, and real in the kind of way that when you look at your wedding album for the first time, (and the last time), you’ll say.. “Woh.. It’s like being there again”. THEN, you’ll feel all warm & squishy on the inside.

You are different, we are different… some how that makes us the same?

bree & Jason.. DIY backyard extravaganza!

Clients:  “Hey Todd, what can we do to help get great photos on our wedding day?”.. Todd:   “Well guys, the best thing you can do is really just be yourselves.. Forget there’s a photographer there & you’ll then be authentically focused on having an awesome time.”.. This is Jason.. taking my advice quite literally.. […]

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Stacy + Ben – Melbourne wedding at Laurens Hall

Stacy and Ben were married at the incredible Laurens Hall in Melbourne.  With a super team of excellent wedding industry legends that are just really great at what they do, this wedding was pretty dang awesome.. and Stacy & Ben busted out some of the most excellent vows – delivered gangsta rap style fo shizzle.. […]

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S + T in the National Gallery of Victoria & Abbotsford Convent

When Simon & Tash emailed and told us they were having their wedding at Abbotsford Convent & the National Gallery of Victoria (NGV) we were more than a little bit excited.  Dream locations and a dream couple to photograph.  These are just a few of our favourites….more to come :)    

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Melanie & Trent.. Euroa Butter Factory Super wedding!

That time Melanie made her own wedding dress, and married her bestie Trent at the Euroa Butter Factory.. and asked us to make some photographs.. …and if you’re thinking “hey that celebrant looks like Greg Evans from Perfect Match” (the greatest show ever made….probably) then you would be right.  Good spotting team!  

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Brooke & Mitch.. Outback breakfast DIY wedding..

Fly to Darwin.. Drive 2 hours South-west ish to Dundee Beach.. That’s where Brooke & Mitch and a bunch of their closest went to have an ACE weekend, and get married..  An evening BBQ the night before – complete with beer, laughs, and a serious debate about times/temperatures/weight for the spit roast – followed by […]

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