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Rather than write a long fluffy piece that, (a) is designed to make you feel all warm & squishy on the inside, & (b) you have likely heard before.. Just know that our photography is real, and creative.. creative, and real in the kind of way that when you look at your wedding album for the first time, (and the last time), you’ll say.. “Woh.. It’s like being there again”. THEN, you’ll feel all warm & squishy on the inside.

You are different, we are different… some how that makes us the same?

T&A – Stradbroke Island Wedding

If we could shoot the same wedding every weekend (groundhog day style) I would be quite happy if it was this one. Stradbroke Island (aka Straddie) is one of our most favourite places in the entire world…and we’ve seen quite a bit of the world.  When we get off the boat I can feel a […]

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Jenna & Lawrence – Jewish wedding in Sydney

Jenna & Lawrence’s wedding was pretty amazing to see unfold.. A perfect melting pot of jewish tradition infused with modern party vibes & personal touches from J&L themselves… It was so much fun, and crazy, and action packed, and hilarious, and touching.. Then, a few days after their wedding, Jenna & Lawrence both fled the […]

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Tamara + Luke – Barristers Block Winery – Adelaide wedding photographer –

Looking to tie your marriage knots & hitch yourselves to each other in awesomeness, and you can get to the Adelaide hills, and you love wine and awesome locations/excellent style? Well check out Barristers Block Winery .. It’s pretty freakin sweet! Mix that with some excellent human people, amazing food & wine, a dance floor […]

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Sonya + Judd – Bali wedding photographer – Villa Latitude

Sonja & Judd’s crazy awesome Bali wedding… What can I say?  It really was just a 16 hour long party of awesome times.. Perched high on the cliffs, overlooking the Indian Ocean, Villa Latitude is a pretty amazing venue –  looking for 50 metre infinity pool with a viewing window in the floor that looks […]

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bree & Jason.. DIY backyard extravaganza!

Clients:  “Hey Todd, what can we do to help get great photos on our wedding day?”.. Todd:   “Well guys, the best thing you can do is really just be yourselves.. Forget there’s a photographer there & you’ll then be authentically focused on having an awesome time.”.. This is Jason.. taking my advice quite literally.. […]

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