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photography service for wedding receptions & parties. We set up a mini studio & capture crazy portraits of you & your guests. It’s RADness inc..

mIGHTYbOOTh.. ashleigh & nathan

I seriously love the randomness of weddings.. We can never predict what the mIGHTYbOOTh will yield.. Every wedding is different, & all couples (and their guests) embrace the samurai powers of mIGHTYbOOTh in different ways.. #1 most frequently heard comment from guests when they see the bOOTh pics from the wedding.. “HAHAHAHAHAHA!!”.. #2 most frequently […]

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mIGHTYbOOTh (very Sian & Cameron-esque)..

Essentially, the wedding is a big celebration, a party, yes?  Of course there are a lot of ins, a lot of outs, a lot of what-have-you’s, but when you dissect the body of a wedding, all the pretty jewels, the Christian Louboutin shoes, the Armani tie, the hair, the makeup – even going deeper within the flesh […]

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mIGHTYbOOTh.. Shih-Ning & Leon get their crazy on!

“How to Have an Awesome Time at Your Wedding Reception”   by Shih-Ning & Leon.. These guys have written the book when it comes to partying it up at your wedding reception!.. The wedding day itself was a killer & the atmosphere was electric (scroll down for their wedding post).  But it seems these guys were […]

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the mIGHTYbOOTh.. by Nina & Leigh

As a photographer, there is a BIG difference between snapping some wedding pics, and really capturing the spirit & atmosphere of a couple during the great occasion that is ‘the wedding’. Wedding photography for me can be a bit like the Ghostbusters (go with me on this).  The Ghostbusters turn up with all their hightech […]

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mIGHTYbOOTh.. the mighty chooks..

Michelle & Sam are seasoned mIGHTYbOOTh’ers..  We bOOThed it up at Michelle’s sister’s engagement party (hi Marrianne & Kal)..  so yes word on the street had spread & YES..  this booth will be remembered. The thing I loved about this wedding was the ultra rancho-relaxo atmosphere.  We had such a great time..  & if you […]

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