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Every Friday, I take a couple of hours to go somewhere & just walk around by myself taking photos of things I like. It’s something I do to get away from the computer & just think creatively. It’s a great way to slow my life down too.

fridays on foot.. [cat-ology]

I recently noted that if a white cat crosses your path, does that mean that awesome things are going to happen?.. I went with yes..  Then a friend of mine (let’s call her ‘Jess’), inquired as to the value of a grey & white cat, (in the field of awesome things happening).. here’s the thing..  […]

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fridays on foot.. the bus stop..

You know, photographing 50 weddings a year is a lot of work.. so it’s lucky we’re only doing 49 this year..  Spring time is always mentalpants for me.. It’s usually by about now that my left-brain & my right-brain start punching on & I get a severe case of cabin fever from being chained to […]

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fridays on foot.. (the chair recognizes..)

I have recently fallen in love with photography all over again.. it’s called film.. This roll of 120 had been been sitting in my refrigerator since about 2002 I think,  & it went out of date July 2004.. While studying photography in 2000, I saved all my student pennies by going out on Thursdays, (Thursday […]

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fridays on foot.. [ i *heart* canberra ]

Alyda & I took a week off  & went to Canberra recently to prepare ourselves for the rest of our insanely busy year.. We mostly went to get far away from our house/studio & visit some friends that moved there 3 years ago & to catch up with some other photographer buddies as well.. y’know […]

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fridays on foot.. the deconstruct [d?k?n?str?kt]

yes, Brisbane is a nice place to live.. so nice that a kazillion peoples have moved here in recent years to share in the nicey nice place..  Only thing is, now we (Brisbane Town) must  build heaps of apartment blocks & lots of things to help everyone get to work – so at the moment […]

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