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Every Friday, I take a couple of hours to go somewhere & just walk around by myself taking photos of things I like. It’s something I do to get away from the computer & just think creatively. It’s a great way to slow my life down too.

fridays on foot.. i heart new york

alyda & i recently returned to new york city for a few days off.. it was just what we needed at the time – a week to disconnect from work, disconnect from life..  as we landed, the bitterly freezing winds of the manhattan streets embraced me like i was a long lost son returning from war.. & […]

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fridays on foot.. R-ADelaide

back in rOctober this year, Alyda & i went to R-ADelaide for the first time ever..  i really liked it, but before my story is told, i must add that while talking with other citizens about my travel plans to Adelaide, one or more of the following descriptive words/phrases were used (not by me)…  “boring”, […]

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fridays on foot.. sydney no opera..

i knew this time would come.. my mind is quiet – i seriously have nothing amazing or meaningful to say for your entertainment.. and i am comfortable with that.. rather than force something, or delay this post until i have something, i’m just going to roll with it, & move on with my adventure/life.. writing […]

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fridays on foot.. canberra town

yes… technically this first image was taken from a car, but i assure you, i quickly opened my door & firmly planted my foot on the ground before I took it, thus qualifying it for FOF.. we were in Canberra recently & i was very keen to put my Fujifilm X100 camera through FOF bootcamp.. […]

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fridays on foot.. on film

welcome to FOFOF.. ok, so technically these are taken across many fridays, and also, there are pics in this post from Brisbane, Las Vegas, Bali, Los Angeles, New Zealand, and Kyoto Japan..  They were taken while we were travelling between January & March this year… but i’m the boss of fridays on foot & if […]

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