Brooke & Mitch.. Outback breakfast DIY wedding..

Fly to Darwin.. Drive 2 hours South-west ish to Dundee Beach.. That’s where Brooke & Mitch and a bunch of their closest went to have an ACE weekend, and get married..  An evening BBQ the night before – complete with beer, laughs, and a serious debate about times/temperatures/weight for the spit roast – followed by a dawn photo shoot the next morning with Brooke & Mitch, then an 8:00am ceremony with breakfast reception overlooking the ocean..  It was perfect.. and Brooke’s beloved 1979 Toyota Corolla was perfect as well <3

This wedding really affected me emotionally actually.. Pure simplicity… Cut away the fluff, and the fat, and boil everything down.. You know what’s left?  LOVE – real and true – that’s what..

Big thanks to Polka Dot Bride for featuring B&M’s wedding today as well.. Hop on over to the blog there for more pics & some words from Brooke & Mitch themselves..


Darwin wedding photographer

Darwin wedding photographer

todd hunter mcgaw


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21 February 2017 - 6:38 am

Andreas Beautiful photography and what a nice location.

15 February 2017 - 4:28 pm

Clarke inspirational!