Amanda & Mick.. 21st May + the rain + the rapture..

I stood by the road last Saturday during our bridal party photoshoot, guiding Amanda & Mick through our next photograph, & the rain felt suddenly heavier.. The Bridal Party were living it up in the stretch vintage limo with champagne, Alyda was about 50 metres away changing memory cards under the back door of our car, Amanda & Mick were happy huddled under their umbrella..What happened next, happened in about 42 seconds…

I had chosen to leave my umbrella at the car this time because the rain was merely a fine drizzle when we arrived & frankly, it’s easier to shoot without having to hold it..  As the rain got heavier now my thoughts turned quickly to an excellent invention.. the umbrella-hat.. “how handy would that be right now” I thought.. Maybe a black, (or white) one for weddings.. I started formulating a quick business/marketing plan, but then remembered that I was standing in heavy rain without an umbrella (& no umbrella-hat), & should probably take some photographs quickity quick..

I snapped out of it & looked to Amanda & Mick, expecting them to be giving me a “can we hurry the hell up please, it’s raining really heavily & we would like to get to our reception before the Rapture” kind of look…. but no.. oblivious to me, they were having their own little conversation, their own little moment in the rain.. without saying anything to them I lifted my soaking wet camera, bashed out a few frames so we could take cover & move to the next location (weather permitting of course)..

Running back to the car in now what felt like biblical flood rain, I knew, as a professional, what it’s like to really trust my gear.. to trust that even when my camera is completely soaking wet, the auto-focus would nail my subject every time – cut through rain & fog & find them.. & find them exactly when i needed to find them.. (honestly though, I really didn’t know all that until I grabbed a towel in the car & dried my head & wiped my camera down so I could see what I actually had)..

Can’t wait to show you the rest of their wedding soonies..

rainy weddings

For the record: Nikon D3s w/ 24-70mm f2.8G.. but our Nikon D700’s (& all our Nikon lenses), also survived getting rained on.. a lot.. and survived the rapture as well.. all to wake up the next day to shoot for another 5hrs.. Nikon = radness.

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8 June 2011 - 5:16 pm

Mark Kalkwarf Like the Indiana Jones of the Wedding photography world.

24 May 2011 - 8:24 pm

Nigel Another vote for Canon. Mine have copped a hiding a few times also. They are still (crossing fingers) going strong.

24 May 2011 - 5:36 pm

IanK How you finding the (rapture-proof) D3S? ;)

23 May 2011 - 12:03 pm

Pobsicle hawt dayam. :) beautimous. ps this goes in my folder of “portraits of other people i want on my wall.”

23 May 2011 - 10:54 am

samm blake love!

23 May 2011 - 10:09 am

Kristen I’ll speak up for the Canons and say they too can survive torrential rain :P

23 May 2011 - 9:36 am

Bat I have a small lithuanian man called Felix that lives in my boot and only comed out to hold umbrellas… or maybe that was in a dream. What wasn’t in a dream was how awesome this shot is, will go back and tell my dream to lift it’s game.

23 May 2011 - 9:30 am

Eleanor Gannon I’ve been obsessed with the umbrella-hat idea!! I have found a hands free shoulder umbrella on Amazon that looks respectable enough. Have yet to try it out but it might just work… Awesome image – it was worth braving the rain!

23 May 2011 - 9:27 am

Katie Kolenberg Awesome shot!!!