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lauren + joel.. (an awakening)

as a modern wedding photographer, i can confidently say that i get to see some pretty amazing things – some amazing people in amazing places, sharing some super amazing moments… & these excellent people kindly invite us in.. right in.. into their lives for one day… standing in a room with families & besties – […]

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american photo top 10 wedding photographers in the world 2013..

i read the email 5 times before i understood what it was saying..  it’s the kind of thing you want to be sure about – then it sank in..  & then i just sat there – silent, still, unblinking..  then my entire body filled with goose-bumps.. then i cried.. one of those quiet little cries […]

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liz + dan (lost & found..)

this is liz & dan… they know who they are…. & they know who they aren’t… and i love them for it. some of us disconnect, travel the world, do some volunteer work, climb mt everest, do a contiki tour, buy a harley davison, master the rubik’s cube, get lost in the desert & drink […]

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