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rachel & damien..

can’t wait for you to meet these guys…  they’re really nice … *big smile* .. . posted by: the hunter

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fridays on foot.. on film

welcome to FOFOF.. ok, so technically these are taken across many fridays, and also, there are pics in this post from Brisbane, Las Vegas, Bali, Los Angeles, New Zealand, and Kyoto Japan..  They were taken while we were travelling between January & March this year… but i’m the boss of fridays on foot & if […]

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lisa & rayn vs. the sydney traffic monster..

a very wise little old green fellow once said.. “Adventure.. excitement.. a jedi craves not these things.” but it’s difficult not to crave the adventure that a tea ceremony wedding brings.. Any other photographer that has experienced this kind of wedding will know exactly what I mean.. so much action, adventure,  & unpredictability..  we love […]

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