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rhiannon & terrence.. new york new york

“Hello Rhiannon.. are you glad you’ve come to the party?” (guess this quote & win something – hint.. it’s British) We knew we’d have a killer time at Rhiannon & Terrence’s wedding because we’d partied on with a bunch of them before at Tish & Hunter’s wedding..  it was like catching up with friends..  Although […]

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little miss sunshine & mr strong.. (a.k.a. michelle & dan)

This time of year is like a galloping herd of crazy horses (except without the horses).. living & breathing weddings 24/7 & working very long hours..  The awesome thing is that this time of year feels very festive indeed.. We are lucky to have great clients – great clients that prevent my job from feeling […]

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renee + ben + noosa = good times

I’ll quite often ask our clients.. “what is it about my images that really speaks to you.. What did you see that made you want to contact us?”  Renee & Ben said they wanted great wedding photography, but they wanted something more as well..  something interesting.. Their wedding was in Noosa.. Noosa is certainly a […]

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