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Soad (Soh-ard) + Jono (Jon-o) = 100% married (married)..

Jono may well be the most romantic person in the world..  So blokes, get your notepads ready..  “How to Impress Your Lady” By Jono Wecan’tshowyouhislastnameontelevision . ” Try giving your lady-friend a card (complete with a series of various cute/funny illustrations), filled with words of love (from you to her), every day for the week […]

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when in rome..

So, while being busier than a bee who has a lot to do, I’ve managed to use my ninja powers to sneak in some more trip pics.  (yahoo!) Rome was is a very special place for us..  A visual extravaganza you might say..  We loveloveloved Rome so much that the city itself was forced to […]

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Dusk is a must ! .. Cara & Craig

Life is slowly getting back to Krazy around here much to our relief..  Fear not friends, there’s more awesomeness coming from our European Adventures, but it’s weddingsweddingsweddings that keep on coming, & we welcome them with open arms! Cara & Craig – “How do you feel about photographing our ceremony at dusk?” .. toddhuntermcgaw – […]

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